Marijuana should be regulated, taxed

Medical marijuana paraphernalia is being legally sold and distributed — finally.

WeGrow, known as the “Walmart of weed,” held its grand opening June 1 in Phoenix, Ariz. This is WeGrow’s second location, the first being in Sacramento, Calif.

WeGrow is the first of its kind to actually promote growing your own marijuana. They advertise as being “the first honest hydro store” in that they don’t hide what they sell and why they sell it.

There has always been an abundance of “mom and pop” smoke shops selling hydroponics — which simply means equipment used to grow plants without any soil, mainly using water with nutrients added in.

But because of the legalities and the stigma, those stores usually claim the machines are for growing tomatoes or various other kinds of produce.

It’s this deep running hypocrisy that is most disheartening.

Marijuana — medical or not — should be legalized.

In America it’s perfectly legal to ruin one’s liver and actually become addicted to a substance, yet partaking in a far less-threatening substance to the body is considered criminal.

Without advocating the usage of marijuana, simply put, it should not be the government’s decision to tell a person if they can or cannot indulge in something so long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others.

To regulate free trade should be the line of involvement, as it is with cigarettes.

The “stoner” lifestyle is not something to admire or even idolize, yet it is still absurd that something so widespread is not regulated.

The moral issue aside, the revenue alone is worth the price of admission, so to speak.

According to, “Medical marijuana cultivating, dispensing, and consuming will exist with or without governmental approval. It’s time to tax and regulate this industry so legitimate business people and patients are not criminalized,” said Dhar Mann, WeGrow’s founder.

The fact is: there is no getting rid of weed. Its use in society is like death and taxes — inevitable. Why not make a profit from the unavoidable?

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