Current Oklahoma City Community College student employees urge students to apply for student positions, as OCCC has a recent spike in available jobs this fall semester. Positions provide competitive wages and hands-on experience in the career field.

With over 30 available positions, there are a variety of jobs that would work for countless interests, such as writing center tutors, receptionists, art lab/ pottery lab assistants, and an attendant for the wellness center. 

Students can find these jobs on the OCCC website under The Human Resources Department encourages students to reach out at (405) 682-7542 if they have any issues with job postings.

Student positions at OCCC will remain open until the end of the 2022 school year or until filled. 

Student employees at OCCC are primarily part-time and do not exceed over 25 hours per week, leaving room in students’ schedules to succeed in their classes or tend to other jobs. 

All student positions start above the minimum wage at 10 dollars an hour. However, some positions may offer more based on experience and workload. These wages are all posted individually in the job posting.  

 To be eligible, applicants must be current OCCC students enrolled in a minimum of six hours for the fall or spring semester or a minimum of three hours for the summer. Some students may have a Federal Work-Study award.

The job description provides requirements on the website, and most jobs have been deemed entry-level. Some major-specific jobs require the completion of a course in that department.

Student positions hold many benefits, specifically, schedule flexibility. 

“ I love my student position because my bosses normally work with my schedule, which is a bonus because my schedule gets crazy sometimes,” said Maggie, a student worker at OCCC bookstore, said.

A writing center tutor, Mariya, believes her student job is helping her work towards her long-term goals and career.

“You get to know all the faculty members and stuff. It’s just very helpful to form those meaningful connections. Work in this day in age, relationships are everything,” she stated. 

Some specific student jobs can help put students on a trajectory towards their career path and set them up for success upon graduation. These positions can elevate students’ resumes and put them above their competition for future internships or jobs. 

“Student positions are also a great way to gain valuable experience and skills such as administrative or customer service that are frequently requirements for non-student roles,” said Jennifer Allenwood, the recruiting and onboarding coordinator at human resources at OCCC.

 Current student employees believe that there are advantages to working on campus as opposed to somewhere else. Mariya emphasized gratification in the trust between her and her supervisor. She says that there is more self-accountability in her student job rather than a strict list of rules.

 While students are adjusting to their new course loads this semester, having a job on campus can provide numerous benefits and confidence for networking, and further student resumes.