Hosting a Good Party Takes Time and Effort

Through the years, parties have evolved and changed, but some things have stayed consistent. Anyone can think back to a really good party. Just like anyone can think back to a really bad party. I wouldn’t call myself a party animal, but like any other nineteen year old with an active social life, I’ve been attended a few raucous events. Personally, I enjoy hosting parties. I like to gather my favorite people and the acquaintances that I want to know better, give them snacks and good music, and let a good time come together on a weekend night.

Some parties I’ve thrown have been small, with five of my closest friends ending the night with me in my living room. Some parties I’ve had have been fairly large, with upwards of thirty people wandering through my home. Regardless of the size, I get anxious about whether or not it will be enjoyable, or if it’ll give the goers a good memory to take with them.

So, I’ve been curious about the “perfect party formula.” Does it exist? I wanted to know, so I asked people from Argentina to Bangladesh, from age 11 to age 60:

What makes a good party so good?

I compiled the answers I heard into a twenty minute long cocktail of stories and experiences. At the end of it all, I took the advice I was given.

I threw a party.

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