Hinder album proves a ‘Nightmare’

When Oklahoma-based rock quintet Hinder burst onto the scene with 2006’s “Lips of an Angel,” it was like a breath of fresh air.

Now, with the release of the band’s third studio album “All American Nightmare,” it’s time for an oxygen tank.

“All American Nightmare” was released in stores Dec. 7.

The album opens with “2 Sides of Me,” a fast-paced rock anthem that sounds promising at first listen but fails to deliver on a lyrical level.

The instrumentals, particularly the guitar hooks, are fantastic, but not enough to distract from lead singer Austin Winkler’s endless rant about liquor and sex.

Unfortunately, the track sets a familiar tone of mindless drivel that permeates the album with filth.

The next song, title track and first single “All American Nightmare,” tries too hard to push the band’s bad boy image.

In the lyrics, Winkler proclaims he “makes the good girls bad and the bad girls worse.”

Sorry, buddy, but tattoo sleeves and a beer in your hand don’t make you Tommy Lee.

Like always, Winkler and the boys sneak a couple of ballads in here and there, but it’s hard to fall for a semi-sweet love song like “Red Tail Lights” when it’s followed by a song called “Strip Tease.”

In the closing track “Put That Record On,” Winkler croaks out a strangely familiar tune that heavily recalls Nickelback’s summer single “This Afternoon.”

Both songs are a miserable attempt at pitting gravel-voiced rockers with an irritating country twang.

From beginning to finish, “All American Nightmare” is a 36-minute tribute to sex, drugs, alcohol and wild partying.

It would serve as the perfect soundtrack for pubescent teenage boys who think they’re cool, but not much else.

It is disappointing that a once-promising rock band — one of few in Oklahoma’s vast array of sniveling country crooners — has dissolved into nothing more than a filth-ridden pack of drunk party boys.

Hinder’s “All American Nightmare” is exactly that.

Rating: F

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