Everything really is $1 at Dollar Tree

If you’re tired of seeing commercials about great bargains and so-called “falling prices” but then feel like you’re being robbed at the checkout counter, you’re not alone.

Don’t give up hope because there’s another option available to you.

Dollar Tree is a lifesaver for anyone who is on a tight budget. The name says it all. Everything in the store costs only a buck.

They have dishes and cutlery, car maintenance supplies, decorations for holidays, a selection of hardback books, potpourri and scented candles, medications and vitamins, hair and beauty products, pet supplies and groceries.

You may assume that quality would be lacking in something that is so reasonably priced, but that’s not the case.

For instance, Brawny trash bags sell for a buck at Dollar Tree, but almost five dollars at Walmart.

In other words, you could buy five at Dollar Tree or one at Walmart. That should be an easy decision to make.

Planning to go to the movies but want to avoid the outrageous prices they charge at the concession counter?

You can purchase packages of Milk Duds, M&Ms, KitKat bars, Snickers and all the favorite theater candies in the same sizes but for about a fifth of the price.

If you want to design a flower arrangement for your special dinner guest, Dollar Tree has a large selection of floral accessories and vases to choose from.

Your co-worker is celebrating a birthday today or a special anniversary and you forgot to buy a card or gift? There’s no reason to panic.

Select a mylar balloon and card for them or fill a decorative gift bag with spa products so they can pamper themselves.

New babies are a joy to behold but they are expensive. Buy bottles, clothing and other supplies for next to nothing.

Better yet, put a few things in one of those decorative gift bags along with a mylar balloon and a congratulatory card as a gift for the new parents.

It’s not Walmart, but you can park close to the door, find what you need easily, get checked out and rolling down the street in less than 30 minutes.

That would never happen in a large retail outlet.

Locations are found throughout the Metro area. The closest store to OCCC is at 1614 SW 74th in the Southern Hills Shopping Center that is just east of Pennsylvania on the south side of the service road.

Rating: A

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