Campus help available for students

Students can use campus resources to help them through their academic journey.

Financial Aid, Academic Advising, the Transfer Center, TRiO, Student Support Services, Employment and Career Services, and the Police Department are a few resources available to students.

Financial Aid

Many students depend on financial aid and the Financial Aid department is available to help students in that area.

“Students can come in here and apply for financial aid, submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application and they can use the six computer stations that we have out in the lobby,” said Financial Aid assistant director Megan Morgan.

The department also can answer questions about FAFSA and student loans.

“As long as they list OCCC and they’ve been admitted to the college, then we’re able to receive their (FAFSA) application,” she said.

Appointments aren’t needed to meet with advisers in Financial Aid and lines are uncommon, Morgan said.

“If a student comes to the front counter, we always try to just help them …. We always bring them into our office and do that,” she said.

The department sends monthly newsletters with financial advice via student email, she said.

Fact sheets, forms and a net price calculator can be found at

For more information, call 405-682-7525.

Academic Advising

Students seeking degree or major advice can visit Academic Advising located on the first floor of the Main Building.

“Our primary purpose is to advise students in their declared degree program,” said Tamara Madden, Academic Advising director.

Students can change majors and get help with achieving their academic goals.

“We’re more than happy to support students in that exploration and in changing their major.”

For more information, call Madden at 405-682-7535.

The Transfer Center

The Transfer Center is a part of Academic Advising that helps students with transitioning to a university.

“I think more than anything the Transfer Center helps students put together what they are working on here — how it fits into their overall plan,” said Transfer and Academic Advising Coordinator Javier Puebla.

He said counselors and advisers from universities visit throughout the semester to help students with the process. A schedule can be found on the Transfer Center’s website.

“We also give students the opportunity to visit those campuses by offering campus tours,” Puebla said.

The tours are free, and are offered to the major universities in the state.

Visit the website at or call 405-682-7535.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services have three functions: learning support, disability services, and counseling, said Mary Turner, learning support specialist.

“We can work with students on things like test taking, test anxiety, time management, study skills,” Turner said.

Disability services allow any student with physical, mental, or medical disabilities to get support for their classes. However, Turner said, students must have the proper documentation.

She said the counseling services offered can help students get through emotional, intellectual and physical turmoil.

“[Services are] free and confidential to our current students.”

Turner said although drop-ins are welcome, students should make an appointment when possible.

“If they let us know, we can schedule a time to meet with them and make sure that’s dedicated just for them,” she said.

For more information call 405-682-7520.


TRiO student support services is a program that specifically helps students wanting to earn a bachelor’s degree, said Jessica Nelson, TRiO Student Support Services assistant.

“We specifically work with students [who] are first generation [college students], low income, or have a documented disability.

“They have to have one of those three to qualify for our program,” Nelson said.

TRiO allows students to get individualized attention, often one-on-one.

“We help students be successful here at OCCC, so study skills, talking to professors, using resources on campus, tutoring, things like that.

“And then, we really prepare them to transfer and earn their bachelor’s,” Nelson explained.

Students who participate in the TRiO program get to visit different campuses in Oklahoma to see which one is the best fit for them, she said.

Nelson said the program has a limited number of spots available.

Students are encouraged to turn in applications at the end of each semester if they want to be admitted for the following semester.

For more information, call 405-682-7865.

Employment and Career Services

Employment and Career Services employees strive to help students find jobs said said Employment Services Coordinator Misti Foster.

“We … help and prepare students to get jobs.

Very specifically we help them build résumés … and we help them build cover letters, with interviewing skills [and] we help them fill out job applications.”

There is no need to make an appointment, Foster said, but students who want to build a résumé and cover letter need to set aside time to meet with the employment and career services staff.

Employment and Career Services also has an online job board that lists jobs off campus.

“We have all different employers that contact us that want OCCC students or alumni,” Foster said.

Students are encouraged to upload a résumé to the board.

“If they can’t come in, or they don’t have time, all of this is accessible online,” she said.

The job board can be found at

For more information, call 405-682-7519.

Campus Police

Campus police strive to keep students safe, said James Fitzpatrick, police chief.

Officers also can help students get keys out of locked cars, provide escorts to and from cars, and air up tires.

“[Students] can ask an officer any time for directions or assistance with finding things on campus,” Fitzpatrick said.

Students can get help by calling 405-682-7872, by using the emergency button on the phones located in classrooms, elevators, or stairways, or by using one of the many emergency call boxes located in all parking areas and inside campus buildings.

“If [students] see anything that doesn’t look right, give us a call,” he said.

For more information, call 405-682-7872.

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