Classes offer quick cardio workouts
Julie Slate leads a cardio kickboxing
Fitness instructor Julie Slate leads a cardio kickboxing class.

OCCC’s spring semester is in full swing. Students who have had their free time constricted by classes can still find time for a great cardio workout, said Fitness Instructor Julie Slate.

Slate said group fitness classes can be a great way for students to get their hearts pumping.She said this is especially true with the kickboxing and cross training classes that are being offered from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each class is 30 minutes long, she said.

Slate, a personal trainer who has been teaching kickboxing since 1997, said the kickboxing class will improve the strength and balance of those who take it.

“The kickboxing class has a lot of shadowboxing, which is doing boxing moves without using a punching bag, as well as things that get your body moving in ways that a simple cardio exercise like running could not do,” she said.

“The cross training class is a lot different than the kickboxing class in that the students in the cross training use the weights that we have. Students go at their own speed.”

Slate said she plans to start using the new Hoist equipment in the Wellness Center for the cross training class.
“It’s only the second week, but once students start getting settled in, I’m going to start getting the class to use the new equipment,” she said. “It’s new to me too, and it’s great.”

Of the two classes, Slate said, the cross training class is more popular, and she knows why.

“It’s because of the weights,” she said. “The guys come in here and they love getting a chance to use the equipment.”

Slate said both classes are designed to keep the heart rate high and the body moving.

She said the classes are great for students because they’re so short.

“Students can get a full body workout in a very short time period, which is very handy. The time just flies by.”
For information about kickboxing, cross training, or any of the other classes offered at the Wellness Center call 682-7860 or visit

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