Zumiez has cool clothes, great service

I recently decided I needed a few more clothes for this winter. I had been shopping online and I found some things at Zumiez that I would have liked to purchase. So, one day after class, I ventured my way to the Outlet Shoppes of Oklahoma City and made my way to the store Zumiez.

I was immediately greeted with a sincere hello as soon as I entered the store. I began to look through the sales clothes. They had at least three racks of markdowns, and I believe that there were even more in the back.

I started to look for the items that I had seen on Zumiez’s website. The employee offered to help me find what I was searching for so I described the items to her only to discover they did not sell them at the Zumiez Outlet, only at the regular Zumiez.

The lady then offered to find them and order them from the website for me. At first, I was hesitant, because who goes all the way to a store to order online? She insisted on looking up the items so I finally gave in.

I found out the sweatshirt and hoodie I wanted was “buy one get one 50 percent off.”

In addition to that discount, both of the items were also individually on sale, so I ended up saving quite a bit of money. I even received free shipping to my house. The website did not enter the right amount for one of the sweatshirts so the salesperson corrected that as well.

While I was waiting for my order to be completed on the cash register, I was given the store’s iPod touch so I could register for “The Zumiez Stash.”

“The Zumiez Stash” is a rewards program for customers where you can earn points toward free items and receive exclusive email updates. After a few minutes, the order was complete and I was on my way back to my house.

My trip to Zumiez was short and sweet. I left feeling very pleased because of the welcoming atmosphere, and the ease with which the employee made my shopping experience. I received my items within less than five business days and could not have been happier.

Although I did not physically purchase any items from the Zumiez outlet, I would recommend it to anyone because of their above-average friendliness, willingness to help and great customer service.

Rating: A

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