Woman in acid attack hoax desperate for attention

Many of us were moved by the story of Bethany Storro, a Washington woman who alleged she was the victim of an acid attack.

On Aug. 30, Storro alleged she was getting something out of her car outside a Starbucks in Vancouver, Wash., when a black woman with a ponytail approached her and splashed a cup of acid in her face.

After catching hearts and headlines nationwide, Storro admitted last night the attack was a hoax. She is now facing arrest as soon as she is released as a hospital, and is expected to be charged with three second-degree felony theft charges over the nearly $28,000 in donations she received.

I would definitely say she is disturbed. What would cause her to do something so drastic? I don’t feel sorry for her at all. It sounds like all she needed was some attention because she wasn’t getting enough at home.

This is why we should give our children the positive attention and ignore the negative. She probably didn’t receive much attention when she was younger. Worse, she made up a black woman that never even existed.

Bethany Storro is just a woman crying out for attention in the most awful ways.

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