There’s nothing like mom’s cooking

Mom's Kitchen help wanted bannerEveryone thinks his or her grandma cooks better than anyone. From cookies to pot pies, no one’s grandma is better than your grandma.

Then there are those who skip grandma altogether and go straight to mom. I would be guilty of that, but my grandma can still cook anything better than your grandma.

When I was growing up my mom would get an itch to try new recipes and put things together to make something new. Most of the time she succeeded, and the other times the pizza she ordered was excellent, too.

Now that I am a mom myself, I have made and perfected my own recipes. A little piece of me still misses my mom’s cooking, and that’s what led to my attempt to try and be my mom for dinner one night.

To anyone, it would just be a stir fry dinner, but to me, it was my mom’s amazing beef stir fry.

I am her daughter, so that means I can make it just like her. Just as a precaution though, I made sure to call at least three times to make sure I bought the right meat: filet. With my mom-like attitude, I made sure to act just like my mom while preparing dinner. Put the pan on the stove, slice and add the meat, add the butter and Italian dressing to taste, and cook until the meat is done. With a small dollop of BBQ sauce, mix it well and serve.

With a smile of satisfaction on my face, I called my family to dinner for something new to them. But the turnout of my mom’s recipe? Let’s just say that the pizza I order is excellent as well.

When it comes to making my mom’s dinners, no one can do it like her. From now on I’ll let her stick to her recipes, and I’ll stick with making my own. I will just have to visit her on the nights she makes her stir fry because no one can make it like my mom, not even her own daughter.

Rating: B

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