Radio app delivers on all counts

Application StationArguably, the single and most important question I ask when scrolling through the intrepid one-liner specs before installing an app is “Yes, but does it work?”

Unfortunately, I find with most apps this is an unattainab ale expectation; far more dependent on motivation and talent than exorbitant budgets or organized displays.

Install any pizza chain’s “quick and easy” app and slowly disintegrate into frustrated hunger pains while using your last calorie to click the tantalizing “order now” button for the 30th time. Disheartened, you come to terms with actually having to call it in and, for at least the time it takes for the pizza to be delivered, contemplating if you do indeed live in the “digital age.”

Much to my surprise and delight, TuneIn Radio is not one of those apps. With 100,000 radio stations, 4,000,000 podcasts, and skippable ads all streamed for free, TuneIn Radio has at least a couple of hundred hours worth of content up anyone’s alley. So, like the long-haul trucker who was grandfathered into unlimited data, you will never run out of content.

Being an avid radio and podcast listener, I have attempted to use at least a dozen radio apps, always disappointedly uninstalling them after finding they have a two-minute run time before crashing.

TuneIn Radio is not perfect either, but I excuse its occasional crash for the hard hitting, information-dense audio content, and not developer flaws. I would be willing to bet the app’s functional shortfalls are due to the limitations of obtaining live radio over WiFi or data, as opposed to incompetence. Going by their developer blog, I bet they will get the reasonable kinks sorted out.

If I were physically capable of paying for software, I would tell you about how much I enjoy the Premium version, but I am not. So I’ll make an assumption that the $8.99 Premium version is probably worth it, clearing the pesky banner ads, allowing their clean, well-colored, and well-proportioned UI to shine, the skippable short audio ads probably gone too.

Download TuneIn Radio, use TuneIn Radio. It will make your life better, and I don’t need to give you a money back guarantee as it is free.

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