Students still have time to succeed

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It’s that time in the semester where low grades on tests, quizzes and other assignments can have students wondering if they should attempt to bring their grades up or just give up and drop classes.

Mary Turner, Learning Support specialist said, even this late in the game, there are a few things students can do to be successful.

Turner said the first step to making it through the rest of the semester is to do what many students wait to do until it is too late — talk to their professor.

“The first thing [students] need to do is talk to their professor about what is coming up for the rest of the semester so they know exactly what they have to do and when those things are due,” she said.

The second thing students should do is make a time management plan, Turner said.

Students may know what their assignments are, she said, but without a time management plan, may not accomplish anything.

“They’ve got to execute their plan,” Turner said.

“So, we’re about halfway through the semester, they have until the end of the 12th week — if it’s a full semester class — to make any changes they need to make as far as withdrawing.”

Turner said taking a class is a serious decision.

“They need to make a commitment for this last half of the semester. I really urge them at this point to make that commitment just like if they were in a relationship with somebody … ,” she said.

Turner said students also should take advantage of any free help offered on campus.

“If they haven’t been using the resources on campus like the learning labs, I definitely encourage them to start doing that,” she said.

OCCC also offers online tutoring that is available for all students.

The link can be found the college website located at, Turner said.

In addition, she said, students can make an appointment in Student Support Services to get specialized one-on-one attention and make sure any financial aid status isn’t affected.

“We can talk to them in general terms about how to salvage their classes because that’s what we do.”

Turner said students should consider if they have set their standards too high as well.

She said just because a student does not have an A or B does not mean they should give up.

“Maybe it’s going to be a C or a D that gets them through.”

Students who are enrolled in second eight-week classes that started March 24, need to be especially aware of their assignments, Turner said. She said those students should make a success plan now.

For more information, contact Turner at 405-682-7544 or visit

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