She said: Pre-concert not so good

Seeing Maroon 5 live is something close to a religious experience. Their Summer US Tour brought them to Oklahoma City’s own Zoo Amphitheater on Sept. 22. Along with Maroon 5 were Matt Nathanson and Train.

Nathanson was forgettable at best. If one is looking to feel uncomfortable in a group setting, look no further. Good ole Matt has all the awkward commentary needed to fill an evening.

Following Nathanson, Train took the stage and reminded us why they were famous… a decade ago.

To be fair, Train was pretty great live. Lead singer Pat Monahan’s vocals were spot on. Honestly I knew maybe three songs.The actual performance aside, Train was annoying. Their performance was too gimmicky. First of all Pat had at least seven costume changes.

When Janet Jackson makes a costume change it has a purpose. It’s relevant to the set of songs. When Pat Monahan changes, it’s an act of unnecessary self-indulgence. Besides it was the exact same shirt just in a different color.

It’s obvious a band lacks sufficient hit songs to fill a set when they pause between each song to speak a frustrating amount of time, call up fans at various points in the show, for no obvious reason.

Maroon 5 on the other hand stormed the stage with no hesitation, leading with their new hit single “Moves Like Jagger.”

Adam Levine’s singing is something akin to a chorus of angels. He moves with almost feline grace.

Performing each song in succession with little hesitation, Adam has a quality to his performance that just captivates. It can’t be explained in words, it’s something you have to experience.

That’s the defining factor between a singer and a performer. A performer goes beyond a song or the music alone. A performer creates an entire experience, something you have to be present to truly grasp.

Maroon 5 creates that experience, and Adam Levine is unquestionably the definition of a performer.

Rating: A+

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