Shark, video game fans will enjoy ‘Depth’

“Depth”: an asymmetric multiplayer video game in which human divers, tasked with collecting treasure, are pitted against a variety of sharks.

“Depth” is an indie game developed by Digital Confectioners and released for PC last Nov. 3. It is available through the video game distribution platform known as Steam.

In the main game type of “Depth,” a few divers face off against two sharks. The goal of the humans is to escort a treasure-collecting robot named S.T.E.V.E. to safety.

++DEPTHIf the robot is successfully delivered, the humans win. Also, both teams have a limited number of respawns and, if one side runs out, they lose.

I read the reviews for this game after playing it and I don’t understand the hate. This is a very fun and immersive game that I thoroughly enjoy, and find myself wanting to play over and over again.

My favorite part of this game is the great balance between the divers and the sharks.

The humans are weak, can’t see well and move slowly. However, they have access to powerful weapons and useful equipment, such as sea mines and sonar buoys.

The sharks are agile, strong, can see well and are utterly terrifying, but they can be countered if you stick together and outplay them.

Another aspect of this game that I really enjoy is the variety of sharks to choose from.

From the great white, a hard-hitting tank, to the mako, an agile and small adversary, I was never bored with the sharks.

Also, the sound and level design are fantastic.

There are several great maps that, despite all being underwater, feel unique. The sound, whether you are rapidly swimming through the water as a shark or listening to your heartbeat as a diver, is very atmospheric.

The only real complaints I have with this game are the questionable respawn points and the lackluster customization options.

Overall, “Depth” is fun, atmospheric, well balanced, and addicting. If you are a fan of sharks and/or video games, “Depth” will be right up your alley.

Rating: A-

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