Secret Service Agent speaks at college union

The Secret Service does more than protect the U.S. president. That was one message from Special Agent William Wind who gave a presentation on campus March 31. His talk drew an audience of about 30 to the college union.

Wind emphasized that the Secret Service is comprised of a litany of different positions, including counterfeiting, identity theft, protective intelligence, telecommunications fraud and other criminal investigations.

Having a deep and well developed resume is critical, Wind said, along with firearms experience, college degree, physical fitness and general resiliency.

People with prior military service are going to be looked at favorably for certain positions because the skills they already have translate well into the Secret Service. It is a rigorous application process, Wind said.

It is hard to get hired but if you are hired, you would then proceed through an 18-week boot camp and then six months of specialized training.

The baseline salary for the lower of the two positions currently open is around $117,000 a year with the higher around $145,000 with medical and retirement benefits, Wind said. The position are Protective Intelligence Operative and Uniformed Officer.

Wind started the presentation with a video, giving background on the history of the Secret Service, including the founding of the organization, roles, and important events.

Most notably it was narrated by the legendary Clint Eastwood who gave the video some star power and fan recognition.

In closing Wind discussed the many programs that partner with the Secret Service including the Recent Graduates Program, Pathways Students Internship for Secret Service, and the most prestigious, the Presidential Management Fellows Program. After the speech, many stayed to talk with Wind.

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