Rocktown Climbing Gym ‘great experience’

If you’re like me and you’re dating someone who is active — meaning your significant other prefers bike rides to Netflix binges — there comes a time when you have to step outside your comfort zone, trade your reading glasses for running shoes and do what you can to make that person happy.

My boyfriend recently attended an engagement party with me where he was forced to sip complimentary cocktails, participate in small talk and recall useless facts about me in a rendition of “The Dating Game.”

In return, I agreed to face my fear of heights and go rock climbing for his birthday.

Rocktown Climbing Gym, located at 200 SE 4th Street in downtown Oklahoma City, is the premiere place for rock climbing enthusiasts around the metro.

While I was initially hesitant about ascending a wall with only an attached wire keeping me from falling to my death, I found Rocktown to be a fun and exciting experience overall.

If you’re a first-timer at Rocktown, you must complete an introductory course before you can use the manual belays, so arrive early because the pre-pubescent instructors will inist you wait for the next class session if you’re even five minutes late.

Also, be sure to bring a friend unless you only plan on using the auto-belays as manual belays require two people.

Once you’ve completed the class and learned the proper safety precautions — and purchased the rental equipment for the day — Rocktown functions as an adult playground.

There are several different climbing courses labeled with different difficulties throughout the gym. Personally, I stuck to beginner’s routes with auto-belays, though the harder courses became easier the more I climbed.

I’ll admit the first few climbs can be discouraging, but the triumph after reaching the top of a route is a feeling like no other.

Even for a person with a fear of heights and exercise, Rocktown was a great experience.

Rating: A

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