Swift easily transitions to pop with ‘1989’

When Taylor Swift released her new album “1989” on Oct. 28, I rushed to the nearest Target to get my deluxe copy with three bonus songs, three voice memos, and 13 polaroid pictures. So, I guess you could say I’m a “Swiftie.”

This album was definitely a risk for Swift, because she officially became a pop artist, steering away from country.

Of course, we all saw the transition coming with the borderline pop songs on her “Red” album released in October 2012.

The “1989” album starts out with a bright synth melody, and strong bass and claps making up the percussive melody. This introduces “Welcome to New York,” a song about living in New York.

“Blank Space” is the next song and happens to be one of my favorites on the album. The lyrics make the song, but the beat and production make it an unforgettable song about the risk of relationships.

The incorporation of “ooos,” dramatic pauses and ad libbing above the track adds depth and emotion to the already strong vocals.

Swift transitions into the other 11 songs, each owning a new sound and further establishing that she has what it takes to own the pop industry with this record-shattering album.

Swift still sings about boys, relationships, moving on and heartbreak, but she also sings about not caring what people think, and being yourself  — things she has done unwaveringly.

The majority of the songs on the album are upbeat and almost beg you to dance while listening.

“Wildest Dreams” seems to be the darkest sounding song on the record, opening up into a ballad type chorus with heavy synths and heartbeat in the background.

Although the music behind Swift’s vocals has changed, she’s still the same real, raw artist who writes her own songs and is intimately involved in the production.

“1989” is the mark of pure genius. From the powerful, relatable lyrics, to the insanely beautiful composition of each song, Swift has truly taken her music to a new level.

She is the female entertainer of this generation and “1989” confirms she will continue to shake it off and leave her mark on the music industry.

Rating: A+

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