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To the editor:

On July 27, Oklahoma will hold primary elelctions to determine the candidates that will be on the ballot for November’s election.

This election will be for numerous positions in the Oklahoma state legislature, including governor, lieutenant govenor, attorney general, superintendent of public instruction and numerous other elections.


Voting is very important to me. As a veteran of the Iraq Wars, I know that my votes truly do matter for things like Veterans benefits in Oklahoma, funding for my 6-year-old son’s education, my state’s laws and many other reason.

Most importantly though, voting is important because it is a civil right that has been fought for by our forefathers and a civil right that people have laid down their lives to ensure we have.

So please, join me July 27 and then Nov. 2, in casting your ballot for the elected official of your choice. If you aren’t registered to vote head down to the Communications Lab and pick up a voter registration form.

—Kenneth L. Meador
College Democrats President

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