Recreation and Fitness Center, Aquatic Center closed for prep week

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The Recreation and Fitness Center as well as the Aquatic Center will be closed Aug. 10-14 in preparation for the fall semester, said Recreation and Fitness Director Michael Shugart.

The week will be devoted to cleaning the wellness center and setting up the state-of-the-art equipment, he said.

Next week we’ll close for prep and planning, and then after that I only have five lifeguards left,” Shugart said. “So we are going to open the pool at 5:30 p.m. and be open until 8:30 p.m. until we close the pool Sep. 1. That’s the only coverage that I could give based on the amount of lifeguards that I have left.”

Shugart also said that he is excited about the changes the wellness center is undergoing. He said he is expecting another shipment of workout equipment.

“Everybody’s talking about the Aquatic Center closing and everything along with that, but on the flip side of that, we’ve done an extensive expansion of the weight room here,” Shugart said. “Everybody’s really excited about it.”

One of the volleyball courts that was often left unused, Shugart said, is being utilized as an extension of the weight room.

“I’ve personally had nothing but positive feedback from our students, our faculty, our employees — they’re all thrilled with the changes that we’re making,” Shugart said.

Executive Vice President Steven Bloomberg said he is looking forward to the remaining shipment of new equipment.

“The entire reason for doing this [wellness center expansion] is to benefit students. Once that other stuff gets in it’s going to be even more impressive…it’s going to be phenomenal,” Bloomberg said. “There will be some equipment here some gyms don’t have. It is very cool.”

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