Reader not sold on MiO

June 24, 2011 Commentary Print Print

To the Editor:

(MiO liquid enhancer, reviewed in the June 17 Pioneer,) sounds like a good thing, especially when someone gives it an A+ rating.

But what about the fact that it contains a form of Aspartame, which is a definite cancer-producing item?

This has been noted by the medical field for a long time and yet people are so concerned with the idea that it may help “lose weight, reduce calories, et cetera,” that they overlook that part of it.


I guess it is just what some people consider the lesser of two evils. Try to drink your way to a lighter body as opposed to actually doing a little bit of walking, steps or other physical activities.

Maybe that is one of the reasons that Oklahoma is one of the highest-ranked states in the country for obesity.

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