Pinterest a must-have DYI app

Like do-it-yourself projects? Want photos of how to do those projects at your fingertips? The Pinterest app can make that possible.

When the app first became popular, I was bound and determined not to jump on the bandwagon. I lasted all of a few weeks before downloading the app.

Since then, I have found it useful for so many things. Users can find pictures of most everything — from wedding ideas to quotes, to fashion, and information about health and beauty.

You are able to upload pictures of items and ideas you want to share with other Pinterest users. You also are able to search pictures and save, or pin, them to your personal Pinterest board for viewing at a later date.

The great thing about this app is, it can be personalized to show only what each user wants to see.

Users pick which boards to follow and those are the only pictures that show up on their specific timelines.

I have found lots of DIY ideas people have come up with and are sharing that are brilliant and actually have saved me a good amount of money.

Without this app I would not have thought to do these things on my own.

This app also offers a great way to pass time for anyone who has some free time and is interested in looking at all types of pictures.

Pinterest is a great app for all ages and people with different types of interests.

It is free to download and can be used for helpful subjects, as well as a fun pasttime.

Oh, and if you are looking for a way to take great pictures to upload to Pinterest, think about using two other free apps —Instagram and Vine.

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