Campers will learn track basics in camp

Jerrame Dockery, Moore High School track coach, will coach OCCC’s first Indoor Track and Field camp this summer for ages 6 to 9.

Dockery said the class will be a little different than what he teaches his high school students.

“I’m just going to have them basically get in shape and understand what track means,” he said.

“Obviously there’s no place to really have a track meet inside, but my plan is to show them what a track meet would be like — teach them how to do relay races and things of that nature.”

The only comparison between the Indoor Track and Field camp and high school track, he said, is the running, conditioning and training compo-nents.

Dockery de-scribed what is involved in high school track.

“Basically we work on agility, obviously running, conditioning, getting in shape. But it’s more than just running.

“There are relay teams [and]we work on hand-offs with the baton, we work on getting the proper steps … , to know when to take off, when to receive the baton. So it’s a lot more technical than people think.”

Dockery said those not involved in running sports may be surprised at how technical a relay race can be.

He said a runner can be disqualified for something as subtle as taking the baton improperly.

Running offers numerous health benefits, Dockery said.

“Your legs get stronger.

“Your legs are the biggest muscles you have, so that gets worked. Your heart, one of your stronger muscles as well, gets worked. Running in general just works everything”.

Dockery said the Indoor Track and Field camp also will prepare participants for the type of things they would likely learn in the upper grades.

“This (gym) could simulate a track just because of its length and the way that it is.”

He said, as part of the class, he will time the children to allow them to see how fast they are.

Indoor Track and Field takes place from Monday, July 14, through Friday, July 18.

To enroll, visit the FACE Center at 6500 S Land, or call 405-686-6222.

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