OCCC prof makes class a treat

This summer, an Interpersonal Communication class I took with Speech Communications Professor Julie Corff was one of the greatest and most unforgettable moments I’ve ever had.

I thought it might be like some normal communication classes I’ve had before; however, that impression changed immediately on the first day in class.

Our first lesson was to learn each classmate’s name. We sat in a circle and took turns introducing ourselves and telling of our biggest accomplishments.

Julie Corff ratings as a professorAs we went around the circle, each person would also say the name of the student who went before.

At the beginning, everyone seemed to feel really awkward and weird, including me.

However, after three rounds, I felt more relaxed and connected to this class because I could easily say every classmates’ name — something I could not do in other classes where I only know the name of the person sitting next to me.

During each class, we had “Talk Time “ — 10 minutes to share our thoughts and opinions about anything — so that each passing day, we had a better understanding of each other.

Professor Corff is a helpful, well-organized and knowledgeable professor.

She knew exactly what she would teach each day and did her best to help students comprehend every lesson completely through games like “finding clues.”

She made the class feel secure, comfortable and confident to speak up about our problems, what experiences we’ve been through, even embarrassing moments.

The one thing I will never forget was when everyone knew that I never tried pizza before because I did not like it.

On the last day of the class, one of my classmates brought pizza for everyone and convinced me to try it.

That was an awesome and special feeling, especially to me, someone who has been in the U.S. for a short time, and is still trying to get used to this new country and the people here.

One more aspect I enjoyed is that my classmates are still in contact and are planning to have a forthcoming reunion.

Rating: A+

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