Nintendo game a wholesome adventure

In a town not much bigger than my thumb, birds are chirping, butterflies flutter all about and the sun seems to shine brighter than usual as you emerge from a red-roofed cottage buried in an orchard of golden pear trees.

The weather seems fair today, and you wave to your neighbor, Lionel, who’s whistling the town’s signature tune outside while watering his flowers as the clock tower chimes 10 times to remind you how late you’ve slept in.

Pulling on your favorite chino pants and sweater vest — the townspeople wouldn’t recognize you without a collared shirt — you equip your fishing rod and head down to the beach, tripping every so often because you’ve left your shoes behind.

You encounter Old Mayor Tortimer, who’s examining seashells before boarding Kapp’n’s sailboat to the town’s nearest tourist spot, a quaint little island boasting collector’s items and exotic fruit.

As they sail away and you bid them farewell, you pack up your rod and head back to town for a busy day full of bug-catching, planting flowers and digging up fossils.

Along the way, you pocket a few peaches and golden pears to take to Reese, the pink alpaca at the retail store who’s always eager to put more bells in your ATM account.

Before you’ve had the chance to make it home, you find yourself in a game of hide-and-seek with more townspeople and quickly thwart their assumptions that you’re all business and no fun after finding them all within 10 minutes.

Next, it’s time for tea at Melba’s house — a date you’d forgotten you’d set a day before — who insists you still come over despite being sweaty from hide-and-seek, and barefoot from visiting the beach.

You know from experience it’s best not to deny the advances of a koala with an Australian accent.

As you excuse yourself from Melba’s poorly-decorated home after a few minutes of small-talk and terrible tasting tea, you rush home to freshen up and make it to Club LOL for KK Slider’s weekly performance at 8 p.m.

Entering the venue, you’re greeted by a gaggle of your closest friends, and you’re pleased to hear Slider strum a tune that you’ve suggested.

Once he’s done with his set and the club shuts its doors, the gang heads to the to the night owl coffee shop that recently opened in the town’s museum.

Overall, today’s been swell — and as you head home with friends in tow, it’s difficult not to try catching fireflies as they dance and glow among the golden pear trees. Soon it’s time to save and quit so you can be rested for tomorrow’s adventures.

Closing your Nintendo 3DS system, you snap back to reality and away from the peaceful, exciting townspeople and experiences incited by “Animal Crossing: New Leaf,” Nintendo’s most wholesome handheld treasure to date.

Rating: A+

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