Hobo life just an app away

Tired of living by society’s standards? Want to give up on your college career and your parttime jobs? The answer to these questions is undoubtedly “yes” and  there’s only one thing you can do to remedy these problems: become a hobo.

Don’t think you can run for the trains yet, though. There’s an entire secret hobo language spraypainted across the inner cities.

Lucky for you, there’s an app for reading and deciphering this language.

Hobo Signs is on the app store for iPhones for 99 cents and shows the various different signs.

The signs are mostly simple designs, such as triangles with stick man arms which means “gun” and others like a circle with a dot, which means “give money” or jagged lines which means “dog on site.”

At last, humanity has found a way to decipher these “homeless heiroglyphics,” or as I like to call them “hoboglyphics.”

If you plan on abandoning society, with the exception of still using your iPhone, the Hobo Signs app is a must have. More than just helpful signs and codes, the app also has a brief history of the signs and codes.

So grab your stick, your hankie, your pocket full of dreams, and R-U-N-N-O-F-T to the Big Rock Candy Mountains.

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