New semester can be unnerving

Classes are starting back up and I am very nervous about this upcoming semester. However, I am pretty sure I am not the only one.

Everyone, welcome back to a new semester and a new beginning. Let us start the promises of “no late assignments” and my personal favorite, “I will stay on track.” Does this happen?

Sometimes, yes it does and other times, not quite. I will sit on my bed late at night after a long day at work and school doing homework.

Why must I always wait until the night before to do my homework? Well, it gets done and I turn it in on time. This is what should matter right?

No, I am wrong. I matter and I need to rest and get a good, full eight hours of sleep. I will then be able to concentrate better in my classes.

We should all do this. Let us try it this semester. I am ready for a change and I want to make it work.

This semester I do not, for any reason, want to stay up. I want to enjoy the semester and my days without having to worry about what I need to be doing next.

Cheers to a new semester and good luck to all Oklahoma City Community College students.

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