New kiosks to aid lost students

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Students across campus will be noticing new wayfinding signs.

They are sharply designed with colors that complement the current campus designs and brings curb appeal up a notch or two.

With the results in from a competitive bid process for the wayfinding signs, Sign-A-Rama received a recommendation as the lowest responsible bidder in the amount of $130,000, said Chris Snow, Facilities assistant director.

Snow said the college policy is set up to reward the bid to the lowest responsible bidder.

“Typically the lowest bidder is chosen, but if documentation shows that they didn’t meet expectations then they are no longer considered responsible,” Snow said.

“Sign-A-Rama is the college’s contractor of choice for all campus signage. They did the exterior parking lot, which was also a bid process.”

Snow said faculty and staff initially approved the parking signage and began the approval process for the monument exterior group.

“We presented (the approved design) to the students and the signage committee after the President’s approval.”

Snow said installation of the kiosks in multiple locations will begin in the transportation Technology Center and transition to the first floor of the Science Engineering and Math Center.

Phase 1 of wayfinding has already begun.

“Classroom and office signage will only take place in the John Massey Center, FACE, and health professions center,” he said.

Snow said there is good reason for choosing those locations, rather than the entire campus.

“The reasoning behind it is we are entertaining a new numbering system because the grid is confusing for some,” he said.

“The numbering system is a part of all software systems. To make a change would have a huge impact on all the operations.

“We aren’t ready to do this nor are we sure that the college wants to do this yet,” Snow said.

Snow said the kiosks provide a current location and a direction for the neighboring rooms.

For example, if a student were looking at the kiosk on the second floor of the Main Building, they will see a design layout of the rooms and an arrow pointing to the Math Lab.

That includes Main Building rooms 2G4/2G5 and Main Building 2J4/2J5, as well as the World Languages & Cultures Center. The classroom and office signs will have braille.

Students may see interactive signage in the future.

“Since there are several other departments involved, the IT department may take the lead on it, Snow said.

“They are already responsible for all of the digital signage we currently use.”

The project is slated for completion by May 14. For more information contact Chris Snow at 405-682-1611, ext. 7575.

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