Nearby massage business all natural

Feeling tension build up in my neck, I realized the only way this was really going to go away was by getting a massage.

I decided to go to a woman named Elisa Light, who was referred to me by a friend.

When I arrived, I was expecting to see an office. To my surprise, it happened to be her house. It was only about five minutes away from OCCC.

Inside, she has an area where she does everything from massages, to facials to waxing.

One of the things I noticed as I was getting on her massage table was that she uses Doterra, a brand of essential oils. Elisa said she likes to use all-natural products.

One of the products I really liked that she used was Blue — an essential oil cream that feels and smells like Icy Hot.

It was great for relaxing the muscles in my neck.

Some of the massages she does specifically are cold stone massages for migraines, warm bamboo massages (which I had for my neck and it was amazing) and pregnancy massages.

In her personal spa, prices range from $10 to $60, which is reasonably priced considering she works with you one-on-one.

Elisa Light is the only nationally certified esthetician in Oklahoma according to her Facebook page. She also is nationally certified in massage and is a certified sugaring instructor certified from Sugar Streak — an alternate to traditional waxing.

Light said sugaring is a good alternative to waxing because the paste only holds the hair and not the skin like ordinary wax.

After about a 30-minute massage, my neck had never felt better (and I realized knots are not the most comfortable things to get taken care of). So if you just need some relaxation or to get dolled up for a day with the girls, just give Light a call to schedule an appointment at 405-206-7253.

She is available Monday through Friday. She also can be found on Facebook under Your SkinDiva or contact her through her website at

Rating: A

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