By: Tristian Williams, Staff Writer

OCCC’s Native American Student Association held an Indigenous Peoples Day Exhibition Oct. 14 to bring awareness to indigenous culture. 

Students were invited to the general dining area on campus to celebrate indigenous people with demonstrations, guest speakers, and a silent auction. Demonstrations included drums, singing, and regalia. 

NASA President, Ashley Casas, said the organization is working toward Indigenous Peoples Day to replace Columbus Day as the national holiday celebrated. 

She said Native Americans were already here on this land when Columbus “…kicked Native Americans out.”

Guest speaker Cecil Gray, said it’s important to celebrate Native American culture because after Columbus, it “…became systematic to destroy the culture.” 

Sergio Garcia is a member of NASA and said Indigenous Peoples Day is important to him because it keeps his heritage alive and teaches the youth about their heritage. 

An Indigenous Peoples display was also available for viewing all day in the OCCC library. 

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