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London trip promises personal experience

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Sights. Camera. London. A spring break study-abroad course in London is available to OCCC students for $2,200.

The Oklahoma Study Abroad trip runs from March 15 through 24.

Students can immerse themselves in the theater of one of the world’s leading cultural hubs and earn one college credit in humanities.

Department Director of Communications and the Arts Ruth Charnay will teach the course titled “Theater in London.”

“It’s an individual experience,” Charnay said. “What I try to do is something personal to each individual taking the class.


“Depending on what your interest is, I allow you to write a paper or have a discussion or something else about your interest.

“I had one student that gave me a journal with 200 pictures in it. They took pictures of every single place that we went and everything that we did and created a visual story.”

Travelers will have a chance to see Big Ben and Parliament. Trips to the re-creation of the Globe Theater, Stratford upon Avon and Nottingham will color the excursion with the distinctive air of England’s theatrical offerings and venues.

“You’re stepping out and seeing things you see in the movies and they’re right there in front of you,” Charnay said. “London is big and it’s fast, but at the same time, there is a knowledge that the people have. There’s a very traditional feel, but it’s also very modern, and hip and cool.

“You walk into a modern new restaurant that’s all glass and then right next door is a building that has existed for a thousand years. The history and the romance of it all gives a confident feel that is irresistible.”

When packing for the trip, Charnay recommends keeping it simple, but said think about layers.

“It’s the best way to pack for any trip, but particularly in some place like London where some days it could be rainy and cool and then other days it’s gorgeous.”

Program Director Christian Alyea reminds students to do their research before traveling anywhere.

“London is one of the world’s most expensive cities,” Alyea said, but most expenses are covered by the set fee. “I would tell students to bring about $400 extra.”

There is room for students to join the trip and non-students may participate by taking one audit hour for an additional $100. Deadline for the first payment of $400 is Dec. 14.

For more information, visit, or email Charnay at

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