Kevin Durant leaves Thunder: there goes our hero

Kevin DurantBasketball Superstar Kevin Durant created a lot of buzz for basketball fans this week.

Durant’s contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder expired July 1 and he decided to take his talents to the Golden State Warriors, where he has signed a 2‐year $54.2 million contract, with a player option on the second year, according to ESPN.

Durant, a small forward for the team, said, “Leaving Oklahoma City (OKC) was the hardest thing I ever had to do.”

However, in an interview with the Players Tribune, Durant asserted that he felt excited about the opportunity he would have with his new team.

Many OCCC students,  were reacting with feelings other than excitement, last week.

Shabab Chowhury, an electrical engineering major said he was shocked by the news of Durant’s departure.

“I feel betrayed. This is a big heartbreak in my sport,” Chowhury said.

He said he felt Durant had failed the state.

“I think it’s bad because, I understand he wants to win rings and stuff but what I felt like makes it worse is that he (Durant) could have won with us (Thunder),” he said.

“He was like the leader of our team but he took the easy way out to go win with Golden state” Chowdhury, said.

Other students thought there was an overreaction to his leaving.

Benjamin Taylor, broadcasting major said he moved past the disappointment toward Duran’t decision quickly.

“I think it’s ridiculous that people were burning jerseys. I don’t think it was that serious. It’s just sad to see him leave because he helped build the OKC Thunder to where they are now,” Taylor said.

“It sucks for the city, it’s really not that great, but I kind of got over it,” he said.

While many were in mourning, some students claim to remain completely unaffected.

Juan Piedra, a mechanical engineering major said Durant’s choice to go with the Thunder’s rival team doesn’t affect him.

“I like sports but it doesn’t bother me that much,” he said.

Piedra said that he thinks Durant should have stayed loyal to OKC but he can understand his reasoning for leaving.

Despite negative attitudes surrounding his departure, the memories of Durant may remain positive for those he helped, especially for the 2013 Moore tornadoes.

According to Jesse Dorsey of the Bleacher report, Durant assisted victims in sorting through what was left of their homes after the tornadoes to help them find anything still intact. Durant also donated $1 million to the American Red Cross Tornado Relief Fund at the time.

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