iTunes fails when it comes to playlists

September 9, 2015 Review, Reviews Print Print

iTunes iconWhen Apple Music was first announced, it seemed like it was going to be a game-changer in the ever-so-popular and talked-about world of music streaming.

It entered the music streaming game with a ton of interesting features such as the 24/7 radio known as “Beats One,” that comes complete with guest DJ shows from some of the world’s biggest artists like Drake, Dr. Dre and St Vincent.

For me, personally, that’s an awesome feature.

It’s really fun to see what my favorite artists are listening to and it’s a really different way to find new music.

Just from listening to Drake’s radio show alone, I’ve started listening to things I never would’ve found otherwise, like British hip hop and dancehall music.

Other things like curated play-lists from different magazines and music labels are good, too, but they aren’t anything that other streaming services don’t do.

The biggest feature to me was the ability to upload my entire music library to Apple’s iCloud, giving me my entire library of 7,000 songs on my phone at once.

Not only was this what Apple was advertising, but also it allowed me to have my 7,000 songs combined with the songs that Apple has to offer, which is every song on iTunes.

Unfortunately, though, this is where my problems with Apple Music begin.

After uploading my music, I only had 500 or so songs on my iPhone, with no way of adding any more.

I spent hours upon hours trying to figure out the issue, but ultimately, like a lot of other people, I was left in the dark.

It also became a very big hassle to create playlists with the music from Apple, too.

A lot of times it wouldn’t even show up that I added their songs to my library, which was the reason I wanted Apple Music.

While I do think that Apple Music has some really innovative features, the bugs and issues are holding it back from being the be-all, end-all for streaming services like it was advertised.



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