Grinch steals Christmas, and our hearts

How the Grinch stole ChristmasAlthough Christmas holiday is not considered as a popular event in some countries, I believe that nobody doesn’t like Christmas, because the word “Christmas” brings a feeling of warmths, happinesses, colorful lights, kindnesses and presents, except green Grinch who is living in Whovilles.

The first time I watched “Grinch” years ago, I was totally shocked and astonished. Grinch hates Christmas a lot. He also hates seeing people to be happy. He does not like people celebrating their house for the upcoming Christmas every year.

Honestly, I hated Grinch so much when i first saw him. The way he acts, the words he says and how he treats his dog are so rude and impolite. Grinch has a different appearance from normal people with green skin, yellow eyes, ugly face and animal fangs. He actually looks like an evil elf.

The movie is simply about while many villagers are happily decorating and waiting joyfully for the upcoming Christmas, Grinch plans to destroy the Christmas atmosphere by stealing all of the decorations. However, after all the movie has a beautiful and happy ending when Grinch sends back what he stole and participates in with everyone to enjoy Christmas.

The movie teaches me a lot of lessons. You should be open and nice to people around you because when you choose to isolate yourself from the community, you will face Grinch’s situation. Grinch has to live on his own for a long time, and that causes his heart to be really small and his mind to be filled with full of hatreds.

You also should not treat anyone badly just because their appearance are not nice because their face have no relations to their personalities. Besides, Christmas is not what you decorate like lights, pine trees or stockings. Christmas truly stays inside your heart if you love and believe in it.

By the way, I could not deny that he is really smart. The way he designs and build his place impresses me.

He also has brilliant ideas about how to steal Christmas environment from people.

“Grinch” is a good movie for family. It is appropriate for children and adults. It must be a big regret if you have not watched it.

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