DreamRift presents a monstrous ‘Tale’

DreamRift’s “Monster Tale” is a fairly new game with a message that’s been around for thousands of years.

The message is that people set rules and tell you what to do for a reason.

Why is a morality tale in a video game though? Classically, morality tales were told to impart a lesson.

What I got from the game is that you should do your chores, don’t play so rough with your toys, and that you aren’t the center of the universe.


There is one more lesson, though, and this is a big one: There are some things that you can’t do, no matter how badly you want to do them. And, while it looks like you could do it, it’s probably a bad idea to try it.

The concept of the morals in the game weren’t lost on me. However, the moral of the story isn’t what makes the game fun.

The game itself plays like “Super Metroid”, and newer “Castlevania” games. There is a lot of backtracking involved, lots of upgrades and general item collection, as well as a pet.

The pet is Chomp, and he’s your own personal guard.

He gains experience for helping kill enemies while he’s on the top screen and uses food, toys, and equipment.

You can improve the effectiveness of his fighting through leveling and giving him items.

He also evolves depending on if you feed him certain foods, though the maximum level for him is 30.

Some things are better for evolving than others though, so go to the evolution page with select frequently.

The graphics remind me of some of the later “Megaman” games, especially as the protagonist’s ranged attack involves shooting energy from an armband.

The action is entertaining, and the abilities Chomp picks up from his evolutions are fairly good, though once you get “Musashi somersault,” you won’t be using much else. It’s that awesome.

There is even a percentage completed by the end of it, so you can set quirky challenges for yourself like with most “Metroid” games.

Overall, I really liked the game. It has a classic feel to it, even if it does look a lot like a “Megaman” copy.

I would suggest playing the game.

Rating: A

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