CrossFit improves students’ lifestyles

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When Brooke Carlson and Rawson Sheppard walked through the gym doors of Koda Crossfit Norman, they had no idea their lives would soon be affected in a big way.

Sheppard, 33, a health science major, tried his first CrossFit class in April of last year.

A former college and professional baseball player, he said he has always been drawn to competitive atmospheres.

“After I left the league and moved back to Oklahoma, I continued training at a globo-gym in Norman,” Sheppard said.

“But I knew after my first day trying CrossFit at Koda that I was hooked.”

Carlson, 18, also a health science major, decided to give CrossFit a try after returning to school from her holiday break.

Carlson said she was interested in improving her health and getting back to an active lifestyle.

“I knew a bunch of people who were doing CrossFit and loved it,” Carlson said. “I wanted to be more fit and avoid the ‘Freshman 15’.”

CrossFit is defined as the sport of fitness, or more specifically, “constantly varied functional movements at high intensity.”

Contrary to what people see on ESPN each year during the CrossFit Games, CrossFit was founded by Greg Glassman on the idea that health and fitness are a universal need for athletes and non-athletes alike.

“The CrossFit Games consist of the top 0.02 percent of CrossFit athletes,” said Kevin Schuetz, owner of Koda Crossfit Norman.

“The majority of CrossFitters are just looking to get in better shape and improve their health.”

Jazmine Robinson, OCCC Wellness Center attendant, said the Wellness Center does not offer CrossFit classes, but does contain most of the necessary exercise equipment needed to do CrossFit.

“We have a cardio room, weight room and a pool,” Robinson said.

“Bars, weight plates and dumbbells are available also.”

The Wellness Center is free for all currently enrolled OCCC students.

Both Sheppard and Carlson said they have experienced positive improvements in their lifestyles since starting CrossFit.

“Training has allowed me to meet a lot more people and make friends with people I have stuff in common with,” Carlson said. “Plus I’m more motivated to eat healthy too.”

Sheppard also recommends the sport.

“CrossFit has fed my competitive nature and inspired me to be the best I can be,” he said. “I eat clean, train hard, and focus each day on getting stronger and faster than my competition.”

CrossFit can be a good resource for average people wanting to improve their health, Carlson said.

“I feel like CrossFit is a great thing for students to get involved in because it’s not like the usual elliptical or machine workouts you normally do at the fitness center,” she said. “It’s exciting and always keeps you wanting to go back.”

The approximate cost for students to attend a CrossFit gym in the Oklahoma City metro area ranges from $75 to $115 a month.

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