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Chris James/Pioneer
Police Chief Fitzpatrick takes a moment to talk with Police Officer Nelson and Security Officer Evans on July 6 in the OCCC parking lot.

Summer is in full swing and as students take a break from school, one campus organization stays on the job full time, devoted and alert.

The OCCC campus police department is a key component to the college itself.

“The purpose of the campus police department is for the safety and security of all employees and patrons of the college,” said James Fitzpatrick, OCCC Police Chief.

Fitzpatrick discussed the different seasons of the year and how they correlate with campus police work.

He said the fall semester is easily the most trying semester, while both spring and summer are a little more relaxed.

In the fall, Fitzpatrick explained, there are more new students who don’t understand campus policies completely, and the number of visitors is also at its highest.

Fitzpatrick said the majority of the issues handled throughout the year are traffic and parking violations, due to students and visitors who are unaware of where parking is permitted.

In the spring and summer, he said, there are fewer new students, much less activity and the students already know where to go for classes and on campus activities.

Fitzpatrick said the relationship between the campus police department and the Oklahoma City Police Department is a good one.

He confirmed the campus police department is a separate department but that there is a dependency on the Oklahoma City police to handle the more severe and significant events on campus.

The relationship between the two departments is separate but co-dependent, he said.

Fitzpatrick said campus remains safe and secure because of the campus police department.

The officers and leaders are dedicated, and devote their time and efforts to maintaining the overall well being of the campus while keeping both faculty and students safe year round, he said.

For more information on the campus police or to contact them for assistance, call 405-682-1611, ext. 7691, or stop by the office located in the Main Building by the coffee shop.

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