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“Girls Night: the Musical” will get you up on your feet dancing and laughing the night away.

Performance of this off-Broadway, audience-participation production will continue on campus through Oct. 29.

The old friends’ reunion takes place at a karaoke bar where the five women reunite to celebrate a happy occasion and at the same time mourn the loss of one of their own, Sharon, who died from falling off of the back of a Moped.



The engagement of their deceased friend’s daughter, Candy Rose, is the spark that has ignited this evening of carousing and remembering days gone by.

The play is for more mature audiences.

Some audience members that attended the opening performance said they weren’t expecting scandalous topics such as the women’s lovers and sex toys to come up.

One of the women brought Candy Rose an anatomically correct blow-up doll of a well endowed guy, which the women proceeded to comment on.

Walking into the Bruce Owen Theater, playgoers are greeted by girly music such as “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and many more songs from the musical, to set the mood for the show.

Some of the songs included “The Love of My Man,” sung by Anita, “Don’t Cry Out Loud,” sung by Carol, and “I Will Survive,” which the whole crowd joined in singing. Each of the songs related to the characters’ personalities.

Carol is Sharon’s best friend and considered to be the life of the party.

Anita is the typical high-energy friend who takes prescribed medication and used to get picked on at school.

Liza is the gold digger of the bunch who isn’t afraid to flaunt her feminine features. Kate is a schoolteacher and fits the stereotype.

The cast consisted of Sharon, played by Priscilla Fernandez; Anita, played by Lauren Kairalla; Kate, played by Marianne Haaland; Carol, Janine Smith; and Liza, Jenna Paige.

“Young Hearts Run Free” was the five friends’ anthem.

“Only the good die young,” Carol said, in reference to their friend Sharon’s, passing.

Brittany Lucht, a younger member of the audience, said she could connect to the message of the performance just as much as anyone else.

“The target audience was so broad,” she said. “There were primarily older people in the audience who were clapping and singing along. I am only 19 and I could relate to it just as much as anyone else.”

The musical ended with everyone singing and dancing, including the audience.

The message came from a quote by Sharon: “Friends aren’t perfect, but they are always there for us and that is just as good as it gets.”

“Girls Night: The Musical” will be performed at 7:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday with a 3 p.m. matinee each Saturday. The last performance will be Saturday night, Oct. 29.

Tickets are available for $35 to the public and $25 for OCCC students, faculty, and staff. Tickets can be purchase in person at the Office of Cultural Programs (1G1A MB), inside the SEM Entry 1, by phone with a credit card by calling 682-7579 or online, All discount tickets will be in rows G- N (row 7- 13).

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