Apple earpods out-perform yurbuds

YurbudsEvery morning, I stumble out of bed, get on the treadmill and attempt to run while I’m still half asleep. Because I’m highly unmotivated to do anything in the morning, much less run, I need music blasting in my ears the entire time.

As I step onto the treadmill, I put the Apple earpods into my ears. I am then able to start my routine. The music is clear, the earpods are comfortable and I feel like my legs could carry me forever.

I get halfway through my run and I realize things are too good to be true. My headphones start slipping out of my ears, I notice I’m out of breath, and I feel like I could collapse at any moment.

But, I am unwilling to give up, so I keep pushing the earpods back in my ears approximately every five seconds and praying I can make it to the final beep of the treadmill.

About a week ago, I attempted to find a solution to this problem. I bought some $20 yurbuds Inspire 100 earbuds for women. The package claimed they are “specifically designed for smaller ears,” sweat proof, and won’t fall out.

On Monday morning, I woke up with a new energy, ready to try out my new earbuds. I started running, and turned up my music.

These were comfortable, perhaps as comfortable as my trusty old Apples.

However, they did not sound the same.

The sound quality was not great and because they let in ambient sound, I had to turn my music up extra loud, making my poor ear drums wish I would stop running immediately.

I got to the second-to-last lap of my run and I could feel the yurbuds starting to fail me.

With every step I took, my left earbud was slowly coming out of my ears. By the last lap, it had come out numerous times.

Instead of focusing on my workout, I was focused on earbuds, who ended up being full of meaningless promises.

Yurbuds are not my “buds.” As far as I’m concerned, we barely know each other.

Rating: C-

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