Elemental coffee the best in a world of not-so-greats

Elemental Coffee CupThe search for a decent cup of coffee has pushed me to the edge. I would much rather be tweaking on a delicious beverage over the far more cost-efficient caffeine pill — however, even that souless industrial white capsule is preferable to the false quality of almost every coffee house in Oklahoma City.

Not Elemental Coffee.

Many factors go into the quality of a coffee house: atmosphere, hours, clientele, cost, refill policy, customer service. Elemental scores poorly in all of these categories, but they are still top dog, because their espresso and pour overs taste how coffee is meant to taste: like coffee, not bile and dirt water.

Their rival in market in location and demographic, Coffee Slingers, seems to cost more while giving less,  plus their customers are loud and rude. Their noses touch the ceiling.

The situation in Elemental is similar, but the customers are more reserved, and subdued. They quietly enjoy you noticing them drinking their $5 coffee on their iPads or MacBook Pros.

While the attractive and skilled baristas dutifully mop up the pools of privilege that seep out from the walls, there is only so much they can do. Sadly Elemental Coffee is not for everyone. You must have a will of iron to survive the miasma of elitism.

I am only capable of relaxing on the patio and sinking into my book by my conviction of the fact that I am not there because it is trendy. I am there because I want a decent cup of coffee.

Two tablespoons of beans, roasted within the last two weeks, ground coarsely and brewed for a smidge over two minutes, at a smidge under 200 degrees, stirred softly a couple of times.

That is how to get a perfect cup of coffee. Why is that so hard?

Its not hard for Elemental, and they let you know that, by having their fancy equipment out in the open, and charging you almost an hour of minimum wage work for a latte with an extra shot of espresso.

But since Starbucks will charge you the same or more for a frappucino (a milkshake with some coffee in it, about 600 calories), Elemental is the best there is.

Rating: A-

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