After multi-million dollar pilot, series looks promising

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It’s 2149 and our planet has been destroyed by overpopulation.

Cities lay in smoky ruin, citizens grasp oxygen masks to combat air depletion and families must adhere to a law limiting them to two children.

Don’t worry. That’s not the latest prediction made by Harold Camping — it’s simply the premise of “Terra Nova,” a new series produced by Steven Spielberg and set to air this fall on Fox.


In a desperate bid to save our dying Earth, scientists discover a crack in the space-time continuum that leads to a prehistoric era.

A thousand citizens travel 85 million years back in time, landing in a military-led, jungle-surrounded colony that recalls the planet Pandora in “Avatar.”

However, instead of aliens and six-legged horses, the colonists of “Terra Nova” have a different kind of beast to contend with: dinosaurs.

The show stars television veteran Jason O’Mara as Jim Shannon, a devoted dad who joins the tenth pilgrimage of settlers to Terra Nova — meaning “new land” in Latin — with his wife and their three children.

By the numbers, it’s easy to see that Fox is confident “Terra Nova” will strike gold.

The two-hour premiere episode required more than 250 sets and cost $16 million, a number unrivaled by cable TV shows since “Lost” debuted in 2004.

But based on the three-minute trailer that hit the Internet last month, it’s money well spent.

From the apocalyptic visages of a deteriorating Earth to a charging carnotaurus whose flesh-tearing teeth seem to swallow the screen whole, the special effects in “Terra Nova” are enough to make any geek swoon.

Combine that with an intriguing storyline plus a well-rounded cast and most importantly, dinosaurs, “Terra Nova” is set to become the next big hit of the television season.

To view trailers and clips for the upcoming series, visit Fox’s official YouTube channel at

The previews are rated for all ages, but be warned: watching them may induce a serious desire for the fall television season to come on and get here, already.

Rating: A+

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