Advisers on hand to help during summer

June 24, 2011 Commentary Print Print

Have you ever been told that the class you wanted to take needed to be approved by your faculty adviser?

Do you sometimes feel like you are spinning your wheels, taking classes that you’re not sure will count?


Are you wondering what you will do with your major?

Well, you’re in luck!

Faculty advisers have taken up residence in the Office of Academic Advising for the summer. Faculty Advisors from Art and Humanities, Biology, Business and Social Science are here to help and answer your questions.

The new additions to Academic Advising will be in the office for all of June and July and are available primarily by appointment.

They will be on hand to approve faculty approved electives and will offer academic and career planning advice.

Any student wanting to meet with a faculty adviser should call 405-682-7535, or stop by Academic Advising to set up an appointment.

And make sure you specify that you want to meet with a faculty adviser!

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