21st Century Opaque – Grant Swalwell

September 18, 2015 Blogs, Former Pioneer Staff, Pioneer Blogs Print Print

Railroading is the term I see used when the process is the punishment — that is to say when the standard operating procedure can be used to break someone’s soul.

At OCCC this happens accidently, mostly as a result of help desk incompetence.

Recently in Egypt, a top-tier student got zeroes back on six very important national tests when, in previous years, she had scored around 97 percent on her tests.

Apparently, in Egypt, you can bribe testing officials to switch your child’s exam with that of an accomplished student. The Egyptian Board of Education denies any wrongdoing and claims the grades are fair. The event is now trending on Twitter.

If only something could start trending on Twitter to help people get their financial aid processed or be sent to the correct line.

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