When elections divide, come together

March 25, 2016 Commentary, Editorials Print Print

editorialI am really despising this election year. All this fighting over who is going to save the country wears me out. We’re so worried about who has the anointing we can’t see the solution to any of the problems anymore.

Everything is such a competition.

Georgia Wood

Georgia Wood

Who is the best leader, the best idol, the soul survivor, or the biggest loser? How can we not see we are in the shape we are in because everything has become so competitive? This thing called life is not a game. Sure, it’s great to share or show off your talent or compete at a sport but where does that end?

The systems are corrupt, people are no longer trustworthy, we will never catch up to that inflated all mighty dollar that we keep chasing until we can no longer rest worrying who will supply us when it is no longer within our grasp. We only want what we can’t have in a world where what we want is only what we want until we have it.

Instead of wanting the most expensive cars on the market or buying a house with more room than we can fill with useless gadgets and designer clothes, we should focus more on feeding starving children, housing the ones living in the streets, putting shoes on the children with no shoes on their feet. There is a solution.

Stand up for something. Read, go back to school, apply knowledge to worthy causes. Find who you are and be that person to the fullest and best of your ability. There are always options. Choose a path and stop being distracted by television, video games, drugs and anything else that interrupts your thoughts. Don’t use the word can’t. Don’t keep proclaiming that you cannot. Don’t say I can’t sing, I can’t write, I can’t learn, I can’t teach. When you keep professing the negative, you will eventually believe it and that’s the outcome you’ll more than likely see.

I intend to stand up and say I can change the laws. I can learn how to change them. I can use my voice to make a positive change in this world. I can find people to support me and I will pay that forward. I will believe in myself when it seems no one else believes in anything at all.

We expect things to change while we sit back and watch them get worse. We leave them up to someone else. Someone who knows more than we do. Let someone else take care of it. It may effect me but it’s not really my problem.

We have to want to believe we can make a change. Make changes in laws. Stop defending racism, come together as a community, a state, a nation, a world. Find people with the same beliefs you have, share ideas, make plans, execute them and then keep an open mind. If your party loses this election, find a way to become a part of the other party or expect the gap to grow.

We are all in this together.

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