Video Games Live presents a new spin on gaming soundtracks

How do I describe Video Games Live in one word? That would be easy: nerdgasm.

Further review would describe the performance as an amazing combination of lights, music, and childhood dreams mixed all into one.

Video Games Live takes the beauty of a symphonic orchestra, the raw energy of a rock concert and the immersive fantasy of video games and wraps them all together in one explosive package made of pure awesome.

If you like Mario, they have done it blindfolded. Literally, they did that one blindfolded. If you like Zelda, they have done that too. You want Castlevania? Their rendition of Vampire Killer had me in tears.

Among the pieces they have played, they performed music from Sonic the Hedgehog, Halo, Starcraft and even Tetris. They’ve also done World of Warcraft music, complete with choir and electric guitar.

And speaking of a choir, I have three words for you: One Winged Angel. Their pianist played ten songs from the Final Fantasy series, including installments three, seven, and ten.

There are DVDs out for their live performances, but you can see much of it on YouTube. I for one would rather enjoy being able to hold something that amazing in my hands.

If you don’t like orchestra but play video games, your eyes will be opened to a new world of music that can only be described as beautiful.

I can almost guarantee that you and your children will love it.

Rating: A+

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