Tinder replaces older dating sites

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With instant communication the new norm, Internet dating is redefining itself. Gone are the OKCupid, eHarmony and Christian Mingles of the Internet-dating world, as most users of instant communication often seek instant gratification as well.

Enter Tinder, the newest way to entice endorphins and reaffirm confidence in your personality, your looks and your sex appeal.

Tinder is a dating application that connects to users’ Facebook accounts, displaying their photos, age and personal interests to other Tinder users within a specified number of miles.

Once Tinder has determined your location and you’ve filled out the credentials — a short bio and your preferences — you can begin playing.

The cool part about Tinder is that it’s unbiased: you can browse men, women or both. However, the only users that appear are those who have selected the same preferences.

Once you’re ready to browse, the photos of fellow Tinder users appear and you’re able to swipe left if you think they’re hideous and swipe right if you don’t.

It’s the perfect occasion to enact revenge on the sorority girl who denied your advances when you were a college freshman.

If you swipe left and dislike someone’s profile — and essentially their morals and everything they stand for — fortunately, you never have to face the horror of seeing them appear ever again. If you swipe right, one of two things can happen. If it’s a match — meaning the person also liked your profile — the two of you can now message one another.

But if that doesn’t happen, don’t worry — the profile simply disappears and you keep on playing, meaning you don’t have to face the embarrassment of not getting a match as your attention is immediately directed to a new, prettier person sporting a plummeting neckline (besides, you’ll be notified if the person matches with you later).

While people can’t send photos directly to each other, Tinder includes a “moments” feature, meaning users can upload temporary public photos to share with all their matches and vice versa.

This provides the perfect opportunity to show your matches how cool you are while you’re walking your dog alone, having drinks at the bar alone or wolfing down junk food at home while watching Netflix alone.

Similar to swiping user profiles, when you a upload a moment, your matches can either support your lifestyle choices by liking them or ignore them altogether by swiping left. Also, if one of your matches is a super creep and incessantly gives you unwarranted cyber affection, you can politely unmatch them. The only problem is that person might be five feet away, so be cautious when using Tinder in abandoned alleyways.

Overall, the app is fun, flirty and a good way to see who’s also desperate and single in your surrounding area.

Rating: B-

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