‘The Truth’ should not be shelved

Philadelphia-based monster rapper extraordinaire Beanie Sigel has been on the hip hop music scene as a powerful force for years.

Sigel’s album “Truth,” released in 2000, is one of Sigel’s most notable albums to date — mostly because of the many head bangers contributing to this particular CD.

Track 13 “Die,” overflows with deep heartfelt lyrics in this hit song.

This song should undoubtedly be listed among the hip hop classics of all time.


“Mack and Brad,” a collaboration by Beanie Sigel and Scar Face, puts audiences in the mind of two buddies hanging and chilling while talking mad ish about various subjects but this song has very relatable lyrics.

Sigel proves he can hang with the big boys on Track 3 “Raw and Uncut” featuring Jay-Z. Lyrically, both of these fellows go hard in the paint on this club bang-able hip-hop joint.

When one is doing a song with the likes of Jay-Z, one better be able to hold his own.

Sigel has released several albums over the years with one of the most popular of them being “Broad Street Bully” released in 2009.

Beans has become a more skilled rapper as the years have progressed but this throwback album is one that should not be kept on the shelves.

Rating: A

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