The Boys talk masks and marijuana in podcast

In these mid-term assignment Podcasts, The Boys, ( journalism majors Kyle Batt, Dennis Baumann and Candido Garcia) share OCCC student views about wearing masks in the age of COVID, marijuana legalization, and the college’s switch to 8-week classes.

The Boys, recorded live in “one-take” and with no script and no post-production editing, is a creation of students in the Fall 2020 Audio Production course at OCCC.

The students, who socially distance and are only allowed to remove their masks when they are facing away from each other and on mic (if they choose to take them off), are learning audio production for radio, podcasts and video in the 16-week course.

Click to listen to their take on wearing Masks. Note-The Boys does not encourage self harm. It’s satire!

Click to listen to their take on marijuana legalization

Click here to listen to their take on OCCC switch to 8-week classes

Their work is shared here to give them an audience outside their professor and each other.

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