Study abroad trip to southern Spain planned for May

Markets, museums and cathedrals are on the itinerary for a two-week study-abroad trip to southern Spain during the last two weeks of May, said Professor Ginnett Rollins, Modern languages professor.

Modern languages Professor Gina Villamizar will lead the group.

“I have not been [to southern Spain], so I am very excited to go on this trip,” Villamizar said.

Students will earn three credit hours of Spanish on the trip. The trip will be a Spanish immersion experience, Villamizar said.

For those with limited Spanish, it will be a bilingual cultural experience.

Students will visit Madrid, Cordoba’s Museum of Archaeology, and Granada, a few cultural sites in Spain.

“These destinations are special,” Villamizar said. “Some of the streets that students will walk on have been there since the 1600s.”

They also will see some of the universities located in these cities.

Anyone can go on this trip and that includes family members, Villamizar said.

The total cost for the trip to Spain is $2800, which includes flight, hotel, transportation, breakfast everyday and four dinners. The rest of the food will be the responsibility of each traveler.

Students will also be able to make payments towards this trip.

For more information about this trip to southern Spain, call Villamizar at 405-682-1611 extension 7655.

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