Student who threatened professor says he was bullied

Isaac Ward Jr.

A student arrested after threatening his classmates and professor said in a phone interview he was bullied “for weeks and weeks” by fellow students prior to the incident.

Isaac Ward Jr., 28, was released from Oklahoma County Jail March 31 on a $10,000 bond, said an official at the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office.

Ward was held at the Oklahoma County jail after being arrested on Feb. 13 at OCCC for allegedly “threatening people with a knife,” as reported in the March 14 edition of the Pioneer.

He has been charged with two felony charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, according to an Oklahoma City Police Department report.

Ward said his medical condition was a factor in what happened.

“My blood sugar was high and I was in the beginning stages of a level 1 seizure.

“I had been off of my medication.”

During his time in jail, he said, he lost 30 pounds because of his medication levels being off.

Since his release, he said, he has changed medications and gained the weight back.

The college officially suspended Ward on disciplinary charges Feb. 29, as reported previously.

Ward said he has been told to stay away from the college campus for 12 months by Student Support Services.

“If I am found not guilty, I was told I can return.”

Learning Support Specialist Mary Turner said while Student Support Services couldn’t comment on case specifics, she could confirm that the office had “tried to help him with his his classes and academics prior to the incident.”

The adjunct math professor Ward threatened, Greg Hall, said he was aware that Ward had been released, but he hasn’t changed his daily activities.

“I feel safe on campus,” Hall said.

“I’ve been here 10 years. This is the only violent confrontation I’ve had,” Hall said.

“I haven’t been contacted yet (by the court) but will do what is required.”

No additional security was planned for evening classes at the Science, Engineering, and Math building.

“At the moment there is nothing Mr. Ward has done to warrant the pursuit of a trespassing complaint against him,” said Police Chief James Fitzpatrick.

In his arraignment on March 7, Ward pled not guilty to the charges, according to an Oklahoma State Court Network report. A pending court date of May 14 is set for Ward.

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