Student club nominates local family for home makeover show

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The Hamil family of Piedmont, Okla., is going through tough times and OCCC’s Kappa Beta Delta chapter wants to help.

On May 24, the family lost their home and both of their sons, Ryan, 3 and Cole, 15 months, to a tornado that touched down in their area.

Catherine Hamil, 36, and her daughter, Cathleen, 5 were both hospitalized in critical condition. Since that time, Catherine has been released from the hospital and Cathleen has been upgraded to fair condition.

Kappa Beta Delta is nominating the Hamil family for Extreme Makeover Home Edition and needs everyone’s help, said Brenda Warren, Kappa Beta Delta member.

Warren is asking that everyone nominate the Hamil family for the makeover.

“I can’t imagine the pain they’re going through,” she said. “I have two boys and it’s just horrible.”

Warren said there are two ways to nominate the Hamils:

1. Log into Facebook (or sign up), go to and reply to the topic.

2. E-mail Extreme Makeover Home Edition at and explain why the Hamil family should be considered.

Michael Sullivan, Kappa Beta Delta president, said every vote is crucial.

“If they get enough votes, they have a shot,” he said.

Kappa Beta Delta also asks that the information is passed along to friends, family and posted on Facebook.

“We need to help each other,” Warren said. “This is how Oklahoma comes together.”

Kappa Beta Delta members also will have a table set up the first week of fall classes — location unknown at this time — to nominate and accept donations for the Hamil family.

For more information, contact Warren at

Campus club rallies around Piedmont family from Online Editor on Vimeo.

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